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About RUBICON Software

Who are we?

We are professionals in Software Solutions for corporate and individual purposes worldwide. We provide full Integration and Application Development Services for a wide range customers.

We focus on the following solution types:
- Web, e-commerce projects development;
- Custom system and application software analysis, design and development;
- Database Development and Maintenance;
- Software support;
- System troubleshooting and performance tuning.


Our Stuff
All our persons have essential experience of work in remote outsource teams oriented for US and European markets. Each one has at least 3-5 years of proofed and certified successful experience in software analysis, design and development 


Why you may wish to choose us?

The combination of competitive rates, excellent service and technical knowledge makes our company a powerful choice for you:

- We are experts at writing and testing source code. Our code is always well documented, cleanly designed, and rigorously tested

- We give full attention to each detail of every project and this approach helps us deliver the best possible quality and service

- Our flexibility allows you to do business on your terms without re-engineering your business processes to accommodate the created custom software. When needed for your projects, we can create personalized implementation methodology designed to get you up and running quickly and comfortably

- Developing custom business solutions, we offer full support for companies operating internationally


[ Some examples of orders executed ]


Our technical skills:

Operation Systems:   Windows NT/2000/9.x/ME; DOS, UNIX,
Linux, Solaris;
 and more...

Visual Studio .Net;
C/C++ (Visual C++, CBuilder), MFC, STL, ATL
Visual Basic, VBScript
Java, JacaScript;
and other: PL/1, Fortran, Prolog, AWK, IDL, etc.

DATABASES:  Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL
Database-technologies: ODBC, OLEDB, DAO, ADO, JavaDBC, BDE, MIDAS and other
TECHNOLOGIES:  client/server architectures, 2-tier and n-tier models,
 OLTP/OLAP systems, ERM, 
Object Oriented Analysys, Designe and Programming, 
COM, DCOM, COM+, ActiveX
Process modeling, TCP/IP sockets, data security,
Win32API, low-level drivers development (Windows NT/2000/9x, Linux)
CORBA, and etc.
Internet-technologies: CGI, Perl, Java(JavaScript), JavaServlets, PHP, ASP, MS Internet Information Server,  Apache, HTML/DHTML, XML/XSL,  Flash and etc


In special cases we provide pioneering solutions developed by programming language developers and world-leading external experts.

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